EVO Powerboards folding electric scooters have gathered fans all over the world due to the numerous benefits they provide to users and in this post we highlight some of the advantages they offer.

A solid reputation

The World renowned and original EVO Powerboard products have a solid reputation for being the leading and most reliable products in their class.

Leading edge

EVO has been at the vanguard of development of innovative folding two wheeled vehicles for many years. Remember, if it's not an EVO it is not made by us!


Being environmentally friendly and not leaving a heavy carbon footprint is one of the biggest benefits of EVO electric scooters. As the name suggests, they run with the help of electric power and don’t burn fossil fuels and pollute the environment by emitting dangerous fumes. This means that in the UK they are exempt from road tax and congestion charges.

Cheap to run

They are also cheaper to maintain than their petrol powered counterparts, with lower servicing costs and without the high costs of re-filling with petrol. A typical battery recharge costs pennies.

Effective alternative mode of transportation

Electric scooters are seen as a very promising alternative to mainstream means of transport such as those that run on petrol. Since they utilise electricity for functioning, there is no dependency whatsoever on fossil fuels when you ride an e-scooter. This gives our riders the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing towards saving fast-depleting natural resource such as oil and gas.

Ease to ride

Taking advantage of its simple design, an EVO electric scooter is much easier to ride than a conventional petrol scooter. This feature especially appeals to those who want to experience the thrill of riding without putting themselves into handling the complexity of driving conventional petrols based vehicles. 

Compact design, easy parking and portability

An EVO Powerboard folding electric scooter can be easily stored and transported. Being lightweight and compact compared to traditional petrol scooters, they make a very portable utility vehicle. For riders with limited storage space, the EVO makes an ideal commuter vehicle. Our customers particularly appreciate being able to take their EVO folding scooters in the boots of their cars. Being compact the EVO Powerboard folds for ease of transport and once in the car does not smell of petrol.

High on fun element

Riding an EVO is fun. Join the revolution and make the move now to this most verstile of two wheelers.


Simply put, riding an EVO electric scooter is clean, efficient and fun!