EVO scooters are constantly being developed and improved with innovative designs and the addition of new features for even better performance. The 2000W DUAL HUB MOTOR EvoKing takes this to a whole new level with powerful hub motors front and rear, a 20Ah lithium powerpack and optional hydraulic brakes. The EvoKing comes with the revolutionary facility to switch between one and two motors; The single motor option offers economy while two motors are used where more speed is desired. With its uniquely designed ALLOY swing arm and handlebar stem and a compact lithium powerpack, this powerful scooter is surprisingly light and yet strong. Latest advanced technology hub motors are at the heart of the EvoKing, specially designed to be high torque and high powered but lightweight, bringing you an enjoyable riding experience. Feel the force with the twin hub motors which can get you to a speed of up to 50 km/h or opt to switch to one motor only for economy.