The super-smooth 500W rear hub motor delivers more torque than conventional DC motors. There is no chain or belt to worry about and all the power goes to the drive wheel. The advantage is a tremendous power saving of 15-20% during driving dependent on various factors such as driving behaviour, load, battery condition and other external influences. Fitted with a 48V lithium Ion battery and built on a high-tensile alloy frame with alloy deck you can be assured that this high-tech. scooter will get you there in style. EvoTech's easy-fold function makes it unbeatably convenient. With a simple pull on the release lever, the stem of the EvoTech folds down effortlessly.. EvoTech's built-in speedometer allow you to keep track of your journey effectively. It's also no slacker when it comes to performance either, being capable of a speed of up to 35 km/h and a range of up to 50 km depending on load and terrain. The high-specification of this top-of-the range scooter is complemented by a powerful LED headlight, front and rear disc brakes, foot-operated rear brake, 10" tyres, front and rear dual shocks and seat.