Information about driving licence requirements can be found at:

You must have a valid provisional or full driving licence covering mopeds or motorcycles to ride an electric scooter as they are classified as mopeds. If you already have a full licence covering cars you may be able to use it automatically as a licence for riding electric scooters. As with all mopeds and motorcycles you may need to complete a compulsory basic training course (CBT) to validate your licence before you can ride on the road:

- If you obtained your full driving licence before 1 February 2001 you do not need to complete CBT.

- If you obtained your full driving licence on or after 1 February 2001 then CBT is required after which you can ride without L plates.

- If you have a provisional moped licence then CBT is required and you must display L plates until you qualify for a full licence. Provisional entitlement with CBT is valid for two years after which CBT must be retaken.