A major shift is currently taking place in the automotive industry with a trend toward eco-friendly electric power. With a vision of electric two-wheel motorised travel as the future of personal travel and convinced of the benefits of choosing electric over petrol power, EVO’s World-renowned innovative products have for years been at the forefront of the electric revolution. Ditch the car and get on an EVO electric scooter, moped or bike! It’s fun to ride, cheap to run, environmentally friendly and a practical alternative for all those short trips. There’s never been a better time to trade in your fuel guzzling motor for a clean, efficient electric alternative. Costing just pennies to charge, and with free road tax and exemption from congestion charge, the EVO electric scooters, mopeds and bikes offers a substantial saving over conventional vehicles. Our aim is to offer electric scooters and mopeds and bikes that save consumers money while doing our part to offer a clean and green alternative for the next generation - for our children and grandchildren, who can breathe better air than us. The technology has developed at an unprecedented pace ensuring that current electric mopeds and scooters are reliable and robust. Given the increasing level of attention from the government to encourage green modes of transport, electric scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and bikes are capturing their attention. Electric two wheelers are increasingly appealing to individuals looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for their daily commute. Electric two wheelers provide a number of advantages over their petrol counterparts. The low number of moving parts means that servicing and maintenance are far cheaper. A number of councils have moved towards banning noisy and polluting petrol scooters from built-up areas, a trend that appears to be growing. There is also no road tax to pay, no congestion charge and no emissions! Daily running costs are virtually zero and these products future-proof our users against restricted emission zones in and around major cities.