The Bossman-S road-legal folding electric scooter folds in a few seconds and is the ideal partner for commuters, camping, caravanning and local shopping trips. Its compact design and convenient folding mechanism mean that the Bossman-S can be folded in seconds to be carried in the boot of the car or stored away. The quiet electric drive of the Bossman-S is greatly appreciated on camp sites and for security patrols and where silence is required. The comprehensive specification of the Bossman-S is complemented by wooden deck, gold coloured brake parts, LED lights front & rear and digital display. Further stability and comfort is offered by an innovative 3-point seat-post connected stably to the frame at three points and topped by our 'big black' seat. For those wishing to carry luggage, an optional, specially designed REVO luggage rack is available. Unlike some other electric scooters, the battery of the Bossman-S can be easily removed from the scooter. This facilitates transport but also makes it possible to charge the battery indoors while the scooter is standing outside. The external charging adapter required for this purpose is available for purchase separately. Charging status is clearly indicated by three coloured LEDs on the handlebars. Overall, the scooter is equipped with four batteries to power the high-performance motor with long-lasting power.