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I can’t thank you enough for the superb communication, service and follow up with the bike. Echoed by my daughter as well, she’s thrilled with the bike and you guys.Mr P., October 2018

Superb bike very pleased.Mr M., October 2018

Fantastic communication. It's a pleasure to do business.Mr L., September 2018

Thanks for your prompt and friendly service. I have put the scooter ( 60v, 2000w, Li-ion ) thru' its paces and I'm very pleased with it.Mr M., May 2018

This is the second scooter I have bought. Great product, rapid delivery.Mrs J., September 2017

A* service. I recommend! Mr A., August 2017

Many thanks. Great service and delivery. Mr T., July 2017

The scooter came to Spain on holidays with me, it was fab. Many thanks again for my life changing scooter. Mrs J., June 2017

It is a fabulous ride. The EVO is a lot of fun for the money.Yachting World, May 2017

I purchased an electric bike from you several weeks ago. What a marvellous and well built product this is.Mr C., May 2017

Many thanks for all your help and swift service! Well done. CM, February 2017

Bought an EvoMotion E-City electric bike from yourselves. It's a fantastic bike and certainly gets me up all the hills around where I live. I would certainly recommend. Mr J., February 2017

Thank you, the scooter is great! We love it - will purchase from you again in the future. Mrs J., December 2016

I have just got this scooter, it is excellent! Well done. Mr B., October 2016

What a fantastic little scooter. Performed faultlessly. Worth every penny. Mrs C., August 2016

Brilliant piece of kit. It really is fun. A.C., August 2016

Great service highly recommend. S.L., August 2016

Great bike - wife loves it. Mr V., July 2016

I love the bike. It's very sturdy, fast and has given me a fantastic new healthy hobby. I've had lots of people admiring the bike. The bike arrived very quickly. L.M., June 2016

Fast efficient service, looks great, many thanks. Mr B., June 2016

This is the best electric bike I have ever used. The twist throttle to get started is a great help to me as I have had a knee replacement. Cannot fault this bike on anything and the price is amazingly low for what it is. Mr S., May 2016

Brilliant bike. Well worth the money. 10 times better than the Coyote Couger bike I bought 3 years ago from a well-known bike dealer store. Mr L., May 2016

Fab scooter. Mrs J., May 2016

Love this Evo scooter so much. I bought another. Thanks so much - I love it. 5*. Mr G., May 2016

Very good product, fast, comfortable and robust, delivered on time also. Mr S., May 2016

Seems an excellent product, good battery life and well built. Happy chap. Mr K., April 2016

Very impressive service, thank you. Mrs C., April 2016

Very powerful scooter. Arrived well packed. Clear instructions. Mr D., April 2016

Great scooter. Fast post. Mr C., April 2016

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Petrol scooters give off thousands of times more smog-causing pollutants than larger vehicles, according to research. An idling scooter can give off thousands of times more smog-causing "organic aerosols" than larger vehicles. This means that even though the number of scooters on the roads are relatively small when compared to cars and lorries, they contribute relatively more to pollution in cities, according to research. The scientists, including some from the University of Cambridge, also found high levels of cancer-causing benzene and a family of toxic chemicals known as “reactive oxygen species” in the emissions. They warn that even waiting behind a scooter at a junction “may be highly deleterious to health”. Markus Kalberer, one of the scientists involved in the study from the centre for atmospheric science at the University of Cambridge, said: "We showed that, in contrast to the general belief, scooters can be a dominant source of air pollution, including soot and organic particles, in urban areas. "We showed that the particles transformed the atmosphere from these scooter emissions are especially toxic." Scooters typically use two-stroke engines, which are far less efficient at burning the fuel they use. The exhaust systems are also less effective at removing pollutants than catalytic converters found in most modern cars. This means that exhaust fumes from scooters contain higher levels of the chemicals found in the fuel and oil they use. The scientists measured the emissions produced by range of different vehicles and found that two stroke engined scooters emit significantly more primary organic aerosols and volatile organic compounds from incomplete burning of the fuel. They also produced significant secondary organic aerosols as gases released from the exhaust reacted with the air and microscopic particles of soot, which are known to increase the risk of heart and lung disease. They also found that older two stroke vehicles produced reactive oxygen molecules that are known to be potentially harmful lung health. As well as testing different scooters in the laboratory, the scientists assessed the air pollution in cities in Europe, the US and Asia. They claim that reducing the number of two-stroke scooters would improve urban air quality significantly and cost-effectively, even though less than 1 per cent of fuel in the European Union is currently used in scooters. Several Chinese cities have banned scooters and report markedly reduced air pollution, even when other traffic has increased. In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the authors said that in some cities scooters may contribute up to two thirds of the roadside air pollution. They said: "Using average two stroke scooter emission factors... suggests that two stroke scooters contribute to around 60 per cent of roadside POA in Bangkok, where they account for 10 per cent of fuel consumption. "Our data suggest that two stroke scooters are a significant, and in many cities, the largest source of vehicular particular matter and toxic secondary organic aerosols and aromatic hydrocarbons, despite being a relatively small fraction of the total fleet. "Therefore, given the alternative technologies available, restrictions on two stroke scooters, already implemented in China, could improve air quality in many cities around the globe." Stephen Platt, the lead author of the paper from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, added: "Cars and trucks, particularly diesel vehicles, are thought to be the main vehicular pollution sources. "This needs re-thinking, as we show that elevated particulate matter levels can be a consequence of ‘asymmetric pollution’ from two-stroke scooters, vehicles that constitute a small fraction of the fleet, but can dominate urban vehicular pollution through organic aerosol and aromatic emission factors up to thousands of times higher than from other vehicle classes."
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Euro 4 emissions standards

28/04/2016 09:15

The end of highly polluting petrol 2 wheelers? New tighter European emissions standards are being introduced for motorcycles and scooters. The new regulations will first be applied to newly-developed bikes from 1 January 2016, the official date at which the regulations will come into force, while existing models will generally have until precisely one year later – 1 January 2017 – before they have to comply. Euro 4 rules are nearly twice as strict as the Euro 3 regulations that have been in place since 2006. The rules vary depending on performance, but for most full-size bikes carbon monoxide emissions, currently limited to 2.0g/km (grams per kilometre), drop to a maximum of 1.14g/km, while hydrocarbon limits drop from 0.3g/km to 0.17g/km and NOx falls from 0.15g/km to 0.09g/km. What’s more, the Euro 4 also introduces a durability test, so manufacturers need to prove that their engines can still meet the limits after 20,000km of use.
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