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Our Winter EvoPromotion now on. Further reductions on selected electric scooters while stocks last! 

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm loving this golf scooter. The most fun I've had on a golf course even when playing badly. The scooter is really well made with excellent suspension and is a real quality product. The twin motors are ideal for hillier bits of the course. Mr D

EvoKing Golf: Back after the first round for 3 months safe and sound! It certainly is a beast - very impressed with power and speed . . . All in all a fantastic bit of kit, easy to handle on the course - no excuse for slow play now! Excellent value for money. Mr C

I have my scooter. Everything is great. I´m so happy. Thank you for your great service I want to give you 10 stars ! ❤ R.E.

I would just like to express my appreciation for the speed at which you delivered my new scooter. Mr R

Excellent bit of kit no problems, easier to ride and balance on golf course stood up. Mr S.

You're awesome! Mrs EP.

I can’t thank you enough for the superb communication, service and follow up with the bike. Echoed by my daughter as well, she’s thrilled with the bike and you guys.Mr P.

Superb bike very pleased.Mr M.

Fantastic communication. It's a pleasure to do business.Mr L.

Thanks for your prompt and friendly service. I have put the scooter ( 60v, 2000w, Li-ion ) thru' its paces and I'm very pleased with it.Mr M.

This is the second scooter I have bought. Great product, rapid delivery.Mrs J.

A* service. I recommend! Mr A.

Many thanks. Great service and delivery. Mr T.

The scooter came to Spain on holidays with me, it was fab. Many thanks again for my life changing scooter. Mrs J.

It is a fabulous ride. The EVO is a lot of fun for the money.Yachting World

I purchased an electric bike from you several weeks ago. What a marvellous and well built product this is.Mr C.

Many thanks for all your help and swift service! Well done. CM

Bought an EvoMotion E-City electric bike from yourselves. It's a fantastic bike and certainly gets me up all the hills around where I live. I would certainly recommend. Mr J.

Thank you, the scooter is great! We love it - will purchase from you again in the future. Mrs J.

I have just got this scooter, it is excellent! Well done. Mr B.

What a fantastic little scooter. Performed faultlessly. Worth every penny. Mrs C.

Brilliant piece of kit. It really is fun. A.C.

Great service highly recommend. S.L.

Great bike - wife loves it. Mr V.

I love the bike. It's very sturdy, fast and has given me a fantastic new healthy hobby. I've had lots of people admiring the bike. The bike arrived very quickly. L.M.

Fast efficient service, looks great, many thanks. Mr B.

This is the best electric bike I have ever used. The twist throttle to get started is a great help to me as I have had a knee replacement. Cannot fault this bike on anything and the price is amazingly low for what it is. Mr S.

Brilliant bike. Well worth the money. 10 times better than the Coyote Couger bike I bought 3 years ago from a well-known bike dealer store. Mr L.

Fab scooter. Mrs J.

Love this Evo scooter so much. I bought another. Thanks so much - I love it. 5*. Mr G.

Very good product, fast, comfortable and robust, delivered on time also. Mr S.

Seems an excellent product, good battery life and well built. Happy chap. Mr K.

Very impressive service, thank you. Mrs C.

Very powerful scooter. Arrived well packed. Clear instructions. Mr D.

Great scooter. Fast post. Mr C.

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A major shift is currently taking place in the automotive industry with a trend toward eco-friendly electric power. With a vision of electric two-wheel motorised travel as the future of personal travel and convinced of the benefits of choosing electric over petrol power, EVO’s World-renowned innovative products have for years been at the forefront of the electric revolution. Ditch the car and get on an EVO electric scooter, moped or bike! It’s fun to ride, cheap to run, environmentally friendly and a practical alternative for all those short trips. There’s never been a better time to trade in your fuel guzzling motor for a clean, efficient electric alternative. Costing just pennies to charge, and with free road tax and exemption from congestion charge, the EVO electric scooters, mopeds and bikes offers a substantial saving over conventional vehicles. Our aim is to offer electric scooters and mopeds and bikes that save consumers money while doing our part to offer a clean and green alternative for the next generation - for our children and grandchildren, who can breathe better air than us. The technology has developed at an unprecedented pace ensuring that current electric mopeds and scooters are reliable and robust. Given the increasing level of attention from the government to encourage green modes of transport, electric scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and bikes are capturing their attention. Electric two wheelers are increasingly appealing to individuals looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for their daily commute. Electric two wheelers provide a number of advantages over their petrol counterparts. The low number of moving parts means that servicing and maintenance are far cheaper. A number of councils have moved towards banning noisy and polluting petrol scooters from built-up areas, a trend that appears to be growing. There is also no road tax to pay, no congestion charge and no emissions! Daily running costs are virtually zero and these products future-proof our users against restricted emission zones in and around major cities.
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Why electric?

29/04/2016 09:17

Ditch the car and get on an EVO electric scooter, moped or bike! It’s fun to ride, cheap to run, environmentally friendly and a practical alternative for all those short trips. There’s never been a better time to trade in your fuel guzzling motor for a clean, efficient electric alternative. Costing just pennies to charge, and with free road tax and exemption from congestion charge, the EVO electric two wheelers offer a substantial saving over conventional vehicles. The tax on your EVO electric is free, and depending on which product you choose, can travel about 5 miles for approximately 1p. There is no more stopping at petrol stations and paying extortionate prices for fuel. Our eco-friendly electric scooters, electric mopeds and electric bikes emit zero C02 emissions, making road tax completely free along with helping you to do your part for the environment and your carbon footprint. Electric vehicles of this type are exempt from congestion charges due to their zero C02 emissions, making them perfect for travelling in major cities such as London. Recharging your electric vehicle is very easy and simple. Just plug your electric moped, electric bike or electric scooter into a normal plug socket at home or in the garage, or in one of the ever growing charging point that can now be found in car parks and shopping centres. With no moving engine parts, there is less to go wrong on your electrically-powered two wheeler, making oil changes and expensive mechanical bills a thing of the past. Your electric moped is 100% road legal, and is similar in performance to a 50cc petrol moped. You can just twist the throttle and on you go, without the excessive noise and smell of petrol to worry about.
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EVO Powerboards folding electric scooters have gathered fans all over the world due to the numerous benefits they provide to users and in this post we highlight some of the advantages they offer.

A solid reputation

The World renowned and original EVO Powerboard products have a solid reputation for being the leading and most reliable products in their class.

Leading edge

EVO has been at the vanguard of development of innovative folding two wheeled vehicles for many years. Remember, if it's not an EVO it is not made by us!


Being environmentally friendly and not leaving a heavy carbon footprint is one of the biggest benefits of EVO electric scooters. As the name suggests, they run with the help of electric power and don’t burn fossil fuels and pollute the environment by emitting dangerous fumes. This means that in the UK they are exempt from road tax and congestion charges.

Cheap to run

They are also cheaper to maintain than their petrol powered counterparts, with lower servicing costs and without the high costs of re-filling with petrol. A typical battery recharge costs pennies.

Effective alternative mode of transportation

Electric scooters are seen as a very promising alternative to mainstream means of transport such as those that run on petrol. Since they utilise electricity for functioning, there is no dependency whatsoever on fossil fuels when you ride an e-scooter. This gives our riders the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing towards saving fast-depleting natural resource such as oil and gas.

Ease to ride

Taking advantage of its simple design, an EVO electric scooter is much easier to ride than a conventional petrol scooter. This feature especially appeals to those who want to experience the thrill of riding without putting themselves into handling the complexity of driving conventional petrols based vehicles. 

Compact design, easy parking and portability

An EVO Powerboard folding electric scooter can be easily stored and transported. Being lightweight and compact compared to traditional petrol scooters, they make a very portable utility vehicle. For riders with limited storage space, the EVO makes an ideal commuter vehicle. Our customers particularly appreciate being able to take their EVO folding scooters in the boots of their cars. Being compact the EVO Powerboard folds for ease of transport and once in the car does not smell of petrol.

High on fun element

Riding an EVO is fun. Join the revolution and make the move now to this most verstile of two wheelers.


Simply put, riding an EVO electric scooter is clean, efficient and fun!

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